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Sweet Crush a brand new online flirting game for teen girls!

With new episodes updated regularly, meet a multitude of different characters, make your own decisions, conquer the hearts of the boys you like and create your own unique story!

Create your character

Customise your character, choose her star sign, choose from several different hair styles and colours. Adapt her style using the variety of clothing available in the store as you advance through the episodes.

You can also decorate your room with the items you win in the game.

Conquer the hearts of the boys that you like and create your very own unique story

Meet different boys, talk to them and try to conquer their hearts. Will you know how to get them to like you? Through a system of dialogues and various actions, watch your story develop as you make different choices. The episodes have several endings. With replays, you can try to discover them all!

Go out and discover the town

Get to know the town, its shops, its college... Meet different characters who will give you missions. Fulfill the quests that they entrust you with in order to advance through the game.

Use your rings!

Aquire rings with specific effects to achieve your goals more easily or create unexpected situations.

Sweet Crush Community

Finally, feel free to enjoy yourself and share your experiences, and your tips with the community via the forum.

Enjoy the game and see you in just a moment on Sweet Crush!

About the game

Sweet Crush is an original creation of the company Beemoov.

The following sounds are used: View list.

It uses the following libraries:

jQuery & jQuery-UI

Double license MIT, GPL


License MIT