Episode No. 1 – Starting out at Sweet Amoris

A move, a new city, a new college .. Welcome to Sweet Amoris!

When you get to your new school, the headmistress tells you that your transfer has been done correctly. You're file is missing some items, it's up to you to find them!

Get to know some of your fellow students, who include two boys. Nathaniel, the student council president, a rather nice guy who seems a bit uptight and Castiel, the school rebel, who doesn't seem too approachable.

A third boy?! Ken, a former school friend who has a crush on you and changed schools just to be near you!

Find the missing items to complete your file and get to know the boys. Who will you get along the best with when you start there? Three different possible endings for you to discover!

Episode No.2 – College Clubs

The headmistress wants you to get more involved with school life. Are you more athletic or do you have a green thumb? You can choose to either give a hand to the basketball club or the gardening club.

It also appears that Nathaniel and Castiel have an argument to settle, the tension mounts ... Who will you help? Three different endings to discover!

Episode No.3 – Emergency, a dog's lost!

The headmistress is furious! Her dog Kiki ran away and is somewhere in the college and you have no choice, you must find it quickly if you don't want to suffer her wrath!

And you still have work to do in the club you selected in the previous episode, as well as a new boy to get to know in each club. Four different endings to discover!

... and many other episodes to discover!